Rebuilding a new home from the ground up was an extremely daunting task for us. We didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask. But working with James and the Whitaker Construction team was a fantastic experience and the whole process was actually enjoyable. James handled everything for us, including all construction permits and Committee of Adjustments representation. James’ easy-going, professional demeanor helped to put our minds at ease, knowing that our investment was in extremely competent hands.

James was extremely organized throughout the entire project and he kept us informed as to what was going to be happening in the home at all times, where certain things were falling behind schedule, and where we could make up time to remain on schedule – there was absolutely no downtime – someone was working on the house each and every day without fail, and sometimes on weekends. This organization and dedication helped to keep the entire project on time and within our original construction budget.

James has a very exacting standard of quality, and this carried through to each and every one of the sub-contractors that he chose for project. If something was not right the first time, it was redone with no excuses. James, his team, and all of the sub-contractors were all very friendly, professional, and enjoyable to work with.

Now that we have been living in our home for some time now we couldn’t be more delighted with the final product – it is everything that we could have wanted. We couldn’t have done it without James and the Whitaker team.

Robert Spafford

Whitaker Construction completed a master bedroom and ensuite bathroom renovation for us in conjunction with our architect, Brenda Izen of Izen Architecture. We found the Whitaker team to be excellent communicators and we worked together efficiently and effectively. The project was completed with precision and executed with an emphasis on detail. They also followed up meticulously on every issue and were courteous and respectful of our needs throughout the construction. We are very happy with the end product and would recommend them to others without hesitation or reservation.

Leslie M. Klein

I purchased a hard loft at 90 Sumach Street in Toronto. It was my intention to take it back to bare walls and to completely redo the unit, no small task considering it is almost 2500 square feet. Through my designer, Fia Interiors, I retained Whitaker Construction Inc. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. Working with the managing partner, James Aikenhead, the work came in on budget and schedule. James and his team were sensitive and responsive to my ideas, and those of Fia Interiors, implementing them seamlessly and on a timely basis. James is a thinking man’s contractor, the perfect mix between the client, the designer, and the project at hand. The end result was a spectacular renovation that has found its way into home decorating magazines. I would highly recommend Whitaker Construction for any job, new construction or renovation. If you are the client, you will not be disappointed.

Chris Kapches

I’ve had the pleasure of working with James and his team on several large-scale renovations over the past few years. The success of these projects has been due to his professionalism, sound project management systems and attention to detail. As a designer who has worked with many contractors, James stands out in his ability to communicate and problem solve and in his commitment to fine tuning design elements for maximum impact. I highly recommend Whitaker Construction for all design/build projects.

Erika Floysvik of FIA Interiors

Working with James of Whitaker Construction was a pleasant surprise from the start of the project right through to the end. James impressed me with his superior organization, his wonderfully executed process and his ability to deliver a superior finished product. James was always readily available to support our design process and a breeze to communicate with during the entire process. Working with Whitaker construction was a welcomed change in the experience we have encountered in the construction industry. We look forward to many more projects with James and his team

Cynthia Ferguson and Ferguson Designs Inc.

We have been working with James on preparing for a substantial addition to our house. James has provided excellent guidance from a construction and design perspective, and has been very patient with us throughout. Additionally, James performed a reasonably complex renovation for us involving an existing washroom on our first floor (which involved dealing with a basement crawl-space and insulation issues). The work was very professional, well-managed and came in on budget and on time. I recommend James and have done so recently.

Andrew Bunston and Gillian Wilkins

Given the unique hard loft space, I wanted to work with a team that could intuitively understand the complexity of the space and the nuance of the minimalist design. This space is now a modern, one-of-a-kind, oasis. The team was friendly, responsive, efficient and the end result was thoughtful, durable and well-crafted. They are a team of perfectionists who focus on every detail, big or small, even the details that no one will see. I love my new home and I’m so glad I trusted them to do it right!

Anila Akram

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